Friday, February 26, 2010

Problem with our Natural Coconut Milk

We’ve been producing our Natural Coconut Milk for the past several years.

During that time, we have specifically requested that our Natural Coconut Milk have only coconut and water.

It took us awhile to convince our canner that yes, we really, really wanted our coconut milk without Sodium Metabisulfate – a whitener, and without guar gum – a stabilizer that keeps the coconut milk “stable” – or in more of a liquid form.

On our last order from the canner, we received a totally different product. Our natural coconut milk now has guar gum in it, plus unspecified emulsifiers and stabilizers. We did not order it like that, and unfortunately, the canner not only changed the formula and the ingredients, they took the word “Natural” out of the “Natural Coconut Milk” description. They made some other changes to the ingredients and nutritional information as well – all without telling us in advance they were doing that. The Light Coconut Milk has been changed as well. If they had told us in advance, we would have said “No Thanks” and found a different canner.

We have stopped shipping this product to our distributors and are making arrangements to have it sent back.

We are going to be out of stock for awhile.

Natural Value has always strived for 100% consumer satisfaction. If you have purchased our coconut milk and want a refund, please let us know.

As a result of this situation, I am going to Thailand in a few weeks to meet with the canner, and find out what went wrong. Maybe they shipped us someone else’s product – those types of mistakes, unfortunately, do happen. But there has to be some sort of acceptable explanation.
I will post an update on our web page and my blog as soon as I know more.

I am sorry that this whole episode occurred.

We work closely with our exclusive producers, just to avoid situations like this. Unfortunately, this time, that didn’t work.

New and old coconut milk. Note label change. Product on right has no guar gum and very often solidifies, meaning you are getting coconut! To get back into liquid state, simply warm the can.

New and old labels
- Coconut Milk cans

New and old labels - Lite Coconut Milk cans

New and old nutritional facts – notice how the fonts have changed

A can of our original coconut milk without guar gum. Notice the coconut clumps at the top of the can. The new coconut milk would splatter all over the counter or floor if you attempt this.


  1. Your old stuff looks great, I'll be buying when you get it back to the original (my daughter can't have the additives). Thanks for getting on top of it, as a mom I appreciate companies who care about their products as much as you do!

  2. I just had ordered a case and was very surprised by the contents of the cans... Thanks for the explanation. I will donate these to a food bank and look forward to the day when you restore the NATURAL label and contents.

  3. Thank you for posting this. I will continue to purchase your product when it comes back in stock!