Friday, February 5, 2010

Martinell Apple Juice, Dole Apple Juice

My experience with Martinelli apple juice goes back to the 70's when I first moved to California. It came in this cute round glass bottle, in 8 oz and 12oz bottles.

When I first became a natural food distributor in 1978, I became a distributor of Martinelli. They shipped all of their product from Watsonville, CA, and they didn't use when their truck showed up, every case had to be unloaded by hand. But it was really good juice and a good seller.

When Jody went into the hospital in December 2008, the cafeteria at Sutter General sold Martinelli apple juice from a small cooler. I bought quite a bit of it.

However, when Jody went in for her back surgery in May 2009, the cafeteria had switched to stocking Dole Apple Juice.

To me, Dole was always known for their Pineapple juice, and maybe Dole Bananas, but not for apple juice.

Look at the ingredients of the Dole Apple juice. Does anyone believe that they NEED concentrates from all of those countries around the world in order to make a good tasting product?

By comparison, the Martinelli apple juice is "apple juice." No concentrates. Made in America. And, it tastes good. The Dole? well...who wants to get sued by Pepsi?

Martinelli apple juice is "apple juice"


  1. Oh, man, Gary. That Dole ingredient list is just plain scary. And, BTW, the Martinelli bottle is really cute, and glass, too! And you know how "recyclable" plastic is - ha! Burn, baby, burn!

    I hope Jody is healing well, and that you are well, too. Oh, and while I have your ear....what is the latest on the walnut hull sponges?

    Regards, Your friend Christine

  2. The new Walnut Scrubber sponges just arrived yesterday. I think you'll find them to be the equivalent of the ones we had before...the new producer made the scouring part a little we have to get them back into distribution!