Friday, June 4, 2010

Marriott lifetime stays

I blogged before about my lifetime Marriott Reward status.

Once you stay for 1000 nights, you obtain lifetime Marriott Status.

I am coming up on another level - a level they don't give you a special award for...

Membership Information: Account number: XXXXXX
Total Membership Nights: 1,067

That means I have spent almost 3 years of my life in Marriott Hotels...and I am counting down the stays until I reach 1095 (365 x 3)

Only 28 nights to go

Big Stinker and the Little Stripes

We have a pet door so our cats can come and go as they please.

I've written before about the presents they bring us. This week, Sunshine has brought us filet of lizard (missing its stomach) and today, a whole lizard (filet mignon?).

Well, the pet door means we also get raccoons, and lately, skunks...not one, not two, but three. Pearl was up one night and caught the action on her iPhone...

late night visitors