Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Show Deals!!!

When we first started in business, and we exhibited at trade shows, some retailers would come up to our booth and ask us what our show deal was.

My response was, "we sell the same quality natural and organic products as the big brands at everyday prices that are 40% to 50% less than our competition."

"That's nice," was sometimes the response. "So what's the show deal?"

Eventually I offered the following hypothetical example:

"If we normally sell a product for $10 a case everyday...

"We'll offer it to you at $11.11 and give you 10% off.

"If 10% isn't enough of a promotion, we can sell it to you for $12.50, and give you 20% off.

"We could even sell it to you for $13.33 a case, and give you 25% off.

"And my final offer: $14.28 and we'll give you 30% off.

"Which deal would you like?" :)

The reaction was divided into 2 categories...most retailers caught on...but some would actually choose 1 of the above scenarios as "the best."

Amazing, isn't it.

Anyway, I had to post this as I prepare to publish our show deals for Expo East. I finally gave up trying to explain that manufacturers raise their prices so they can deal back...

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  1. I got a good deal from you today. I purchased some unbleached wax paper sandwich bags from a local grocer. I have been looking for them for years and was sad to think they were extinct. A fair price for a good sandwich bag, such a deal! Thanks, JB