Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Jody - Beating The Odds

When Jody first got sick, she was "out of it" - the hospital used the term "confused."

When she first woke up from her coma on January 17th, and I told her it was January 17th, and that I had taken her into the hospital on December 5th, her response was, "you mean I missed Christmas."

"Yes," was the answer..."And New Year's Too."

It was only afterwards that we told her how sick she got and how fortunate we all were that she recovered.

So the other night, after she read my blog post about her, we were discussing the odds of her recovery, and came up with the following: (Thank you Wikipedia and WebMD, I think).

severe sepsis - mortality rates range from 20% for sepsis to 40% for severe sepsis

ARDS - The mortality rate varies from 30% to 85%

Klebsiella - It has a high mortality rate of approximately 50%

I'm not a math major. My math skills ended in the 4th Grade with arithmetic. How do you calculate the odds of a person recovering from all 3 of the above??? My daughter Beki took calculus in school - maybe she can figure it out :).

Anyway, we are all focused on her recovery...thankfully...but it was certainly touch and go there for awhile...

Jody's first haircut since November
Jody getting her hair done in June – for the first time since November.

Jody at Starbucks!
Jody in her first outing after 7 months in the hospital and in bed…where else do you go, but Starbucks?.

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