Monday, May 3, 2010

from the email bag, cats

We have 2 rescues that were "fancy feast junkies" when we got them.

We didn't adopt them at the same time and the older one - Emma- changed over to good food, meaning a food without any by products or fillers, very easily in just a couple of days. Mabel was our problem. No matter what we gave her she got sick and I had just about given up on trying.

Emma & Mabel Then I bought a few cans of Pro Plan Select turkey and rice with oatmeal in it and she was finally able to handle it. From there it was like it made right all the wrong in her system and now she can handle all the good foods we give them, one of which is by your company. Yours is in the mix with 4 others that we consider superb and they both love it!

I have to admit though, when I first opened a can of the chicken and sardines and saw what was on the other side of the lid, I swore I would never open a can again. Turns out they both loved it so much, I ordered another case. Presently, I have a case of the chunky seafood and the turkey pate coming tomorrow. I'm sure they will be hits as well.

On that note, let me thank you again for your time. I do appreciate it.

Pamela, Emma & Mabel Torma

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