Wednesday, April 7, 2010

from the email bag - Coconut Milk

I received the following email:

"I have a question about your lite and regular coconut milk. Do they contain or have contact during production with soy, corn, egg or dairy? My family has allergies to these as well as sulfates and guar gum, so we are looking for a product that is free of all. Also, will the "new" cans (without guar gum) be available to purchase at an online retailer (none of the stores in my area sell your product) and if so, when? Thank you very much for your help!


I responded:

"Hi, Kim – thanks for writing.

The coconut milk plant only runs coconut milk in the plant – nothing else. There is no soy, corn, eggs or dairy.

The machinery is cleaned before producing and they have always run our product separately from products they run with guar gum and sulfates.

As to availability…we are hoping for 45 days….and we hope that people like you will “clamor” for to bring it back in. The buyer warned me when I told him to pull our product off the shelves that it would be difficult for us to get it back in there, but I didn’t want to sell mislabeled product…so we are hoping for help from consumers like you."

It really is true...retailers - both online and brick and mortar - are more interested in hearing from consumers than from manufacturers...i just thought i would pass this along...


  1. Any news on when your excellent coconut milk may be available again at Amazon?

  2. Just emailed Amazon about this (again). If they brought the product back, I'd be buying a case a month. Nutricity charges wayyy too much. If Amazon won't bring it back, I'll see if I can get it my the case from my local Cantwell's.


  3. I just found your coconut milk on Amazon, while looking for additive-free c-milk. I have to say, I like your style -- pulling the product due to mislabeling is admirable! I was glad to see the product back in stock; I'm glad you got back in over there. I'm ordering my first case today. Thanks! :)