Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cat Food compliment - from the email bag

Hi Jody,

It was wonderful to meet you in person this past week in Anaheim. I was the woman you spoke with at the ORGANIC INDIA Tulsi Tea booth regarding my cats who absolutely love the Natural Value Flaked Tuna product (you probably spoke to hundreds of people who told you that their cats love the product!). We had laughed together when I asked you about the ingredients because my cats are so ecstatic for the product that they actually sing/yodel/meow for it!

You had asked me to follow up with you and send along a picture of my kitties who are happy feline customers of Natural Value. Attached I present to you Piccolo and Basil – my two Bengal cats! Aren’t they cute?! This picture shows them after they’ve enjoyed a nice meal of Flaked Tuna and their bellies are content…..

Piccolo and Basil – my two Bengal cats!
Healthy Regards,

Gina Coccari
Regional Sales Manager

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