Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Pallets, promotional gifts, Tchochkes, desk toys

Like most people, I have "stuff" on my desk.

In my early days as a magazine editor, I had one of those signs that said, "a clean, uncluttered desk is the sign of a sick mind."

Actually, these days, between the phone, laptop, paper clip holder, wide screen monitor and lamp, there isn't much room on my desk for "stuff."

But I love my growing collection of post it notes or sticky notes, which are attached to a wooden pallet.

post it notes on pallets; love it!

I started out with a 3 1/2" square pallet of notes from PalletPallet Inc.

Then the ULine salesman came one day and brought me a gift - a 2 1/4" mini pallet of ULine sticky notes.

But it was at the grocery show in Chicago that I hit pay dirt!

The folks from IFCO - a pallet company - were giving away the 3 1/2" pallets of notes. I asked if I could have one for my burgeoning collection, and they said yes.

But at the IGPS booth - Intelligent Global Pooling Systems - they had the cubes of sticky notes, but not on a wooden pallet....they had them affixed to a prototype of their Supply Chain Solution special pallet that has the new tracking technology!

Their website is www.igps.net

Do I sound like a geek?

Actually, since I started in the grocery business in the 60s, I have always been fascinated with pallets...go figure.

The Yiddish word Tchotchkes may describe this collection of desk toys...that's ok. I like 'em.


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